Acceptance Stage

The corresponding authors will receive an e-mail from the Co-Editor and/or the Editorial Office announcing the acceptance of their manuscript for publication. The files of the final, accepted manuscript including figures will be forwarded to the Production Office:

Società Italiana di Fisica
Via Saragozza 12 • 40123 Bologna • Italy
E-mail:  • website:

If the authors are asked to send the electronic source files to the Production Office, they must make sure that the files exactly match the accepted version.

1. Copyright

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The author(s) of the accepted paper will receive a copyright form from the Editorial Office together with the acceptance message and shall transfer it to Europhysics Letters Association (EPLA) at the following address:

EPL – European Physical Society
6, rue des Frères Lumière •  68200 Mulhouse • France
The author(s) shall have the following rights:
(1) All proprietary rights other than copyright, such as patent rights.
(2) The right to grant or refuse permission to third parties for non commercial publications to republish all or parts of the article or translations thereof. In the case where the entire article is republished, the third parties must obtain EPLA’s written permission.
(3) The right, after publication by EPLA, to use all or parts of the article without revision or modification including the EPLA-formatted version, in personal compilations or other publications of the author’s own works, including the author’s personal home page, and to make copies of all or part of the article for the author’s use for lecture or classroom purposes.
(4) The right to post and update the article on e-print servers as long as files prepared and/formatted by EPLA are not used for that purpose. Any such posting made or updated after acceptance of the article for publication shall include a link to the online abstract in EPL or to the entry page of EPL.

For more details on Copyrights, please see

2. Production process – tracking system

Once your paper has been accepted for publication, you can follow the production process stages from acceptance throughout to publication by connecting to the Production Office Centralized Information Organizer for Papers (CIOP) available at

3. Proofs

Authors will receive an e-mail from the Production Office advising them on how they can promptly download the proofs. The e-mail will be sent to the corresponding author and a 48 HOURS LIMIT will have to be adhered to. In case he/she might not be available, a second e-mail address should be provided upon acceptance in order to keep the processing times as short as possible.

The proofs will have to be returned to the Production Office in Bologna either via fax (+39 051 581340) or e-mail () in .pdf format within two days. Alternatively, corrections and clarifications to signalled points can be clearly listed and identified according to paragraphs and sent by e-mail to the Production Office.

Only amendments or small corrections, not meant to modify the content, are accepted. Since modifications will be introduced into the files already in hand, revised or corrected electronic files should not be submitted at this stage.

As soon as the proofs are returned, the paper will be corrected and shortly published on-line. Please note that from then on, further changes and amendments will not be accepted unless by submission of an Erratum.

4. On-line publication

EPL articles are published on-line in their final form as soon as they have been corrected, i.e. prior to publication of regular printed issues and will be fully citable immediately. Please note that the on-line publication is protected by the copyright, therefore citable (with the e-print DOI reference) and definite. Any changes will thus necessarily require an Erratum.

All papers will be accessible for free for 30 days from the date of on-line publication. For more information, please see

5. Offprints

There are no page charges and authors will receive, instead of reprints, the PDF file of their article for free as soon as it is published on-line.


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