EPL has begun a periodic series of Perspective articles – a goal of at least one per issue – consisting of short reviews of six pages (the normal EPL format, plus one additional page for a rich list of references if required) on subjects of great impact in topics of physics.

Perspective articles are commentaries authored by some of the leading researchers in a variety of different topics within the scope of EPL, aiming to highlighting the significance, impact, progress and wider implications of their research field. The 50+ EPL Co-Editors have been invited to submit a Perspective covering aspects in their own field or to suggest potential authors to be invited to submit articles.

In addition, the International Year of Light in 2015 (IYL) provides a stimulus to think about how our and our colleagues’ recent research can better illustrate the tremendous impact that the physics of light and its applications are having on the progress of knowledge and to improvements and developments in human lifestyles.

Since the Co-Editors’ specialties involve various aspects of the physics of light, our readers will be delighted to find in EPL a Perspective written by them or by an esteemed scientist invited by them. Hopefully, we can present an IYL Perspective in every alternate issue in addition to hosting many Perspectives on other subjects.

All published Perspective articles listed below are completely free to read.

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